Magazines covers



1. Choose two Time magazine covers. Record the URL and the issue date.
2. What do both of the covers have in common? Both covers have similar colouring.
3. What is the main story in that issue and how does it relate to the image on the cover?
A: The main artical is about global warming and how its affects the world; this relates to the cover with the picture being the world as the york of a egg.
B: The main article is about bruce sprinsteen and his triumph in rock; ths relates to the cover by being a picture of him and his guitar.
4. What design principles are evident in the cover image? Explain
A: Framing, diagonals, element relations
B: Framing, diagonals,
The Evolution of the Magazine Cover
5. What were some charateristics of early magazine covers? artistic renderings
6. What are some characteristics of the poster cover?
7. What is the purpose of cover lines? to give direction and information about the main article or theme of the magazine.
8. What is an "integrated" cover? using two or more elements to relate and produce a harmony between them.
9. How can the placement of cover lines effect the overall design of a cover? If placed poorly they can disrupt the image and the overall attraction of the magazine will be lost; If place correctly it can have a reverse effect and persuade you to buy set magazine.

Cover Lines
10. Describe the following styles of cover lines:
Outside the box- Cover lines that are put in a separate box than the image
Inside the box- Cover lines that are in the same box as the image
Columns- A small column that describes the image or mane article.
Zones- The methode of putting the title, column, and cover lines all in different areas of your cover.
Banners and Corners- To extrapolate the image to your eyes and inform you of its ideas.
Unplanned and Planned Spaces- Planned is space that was designated for cover line and unplanned was space left over.