Adam Fuss

Background: Adam fuss was born in england 1961. A father of a coat maker and a Australian fashion model as a mother, adam fuss was born into a more or less artistic family. Due to the passing of his father in 1968, fuss moved with his mother back to Australia in 1967. For the next 6 years fuss remained in Australia until leaving on a un-notarize adventure. In 1980 he returned to austrailia to begin a his apprenticeship as a photographer at the Ogilvy and Mather agency. After spending two years back in Australia, he leaves for new york to establish his career in photography. He took many jobs in this time including one working for a cafe that hosted after parties for the Met. In 1985 fuss began truly began his career in photography with a series of pinhole images. Adam fuss has since been recognized by art critics and has his photo's on display in museums and galleries around the world.

Influence/ major style, genre: The origin of fusses influence could not be depicted by any given image or emotion. His inspiration is driven from a small moment in time that is for lack of a better word goes unnoticed in everday life. His genre is said to be abstract pinhole but i think that his work could not be narrowed down into two broadly descriptive words.

This photo shows a clear example of the design elements simple, balance and direction that are represented by the snakes motion through the water. I think that this photo is a good example of fuss's work for one of his favorite things to photograph was snakes and objects in water.

This photo similar to the first, it as well share many of the design principles simple and balance but as well shows good color contrasting the movement of the water. This photo is one of fuss's more famous pieces, showing a baby's movement through water through water. This photo is a good example of his work for one of of his insparation was that of the early life of a human being and how fragile it is.


This photo is a interesting use of balance and color and is a very simple and single point photo. This photo is not only a Adam fuss creation this photo was a join effort of him and an artiste named stephanie vaemtine. I thought this is a good representation of his work and his able an willingness to work with others.


This photo shows techniques of simple, balance, element relationship and almost fear inducing setting and premiss. This photo is a good example of his work for it is one of my personal favorite of his snake pile photos.


This photo shows elements of simple and single point, balance, and framing. This is a good example of one of Fuss's many christening dresses images, this is a good example of a emotional image of a time in which more or less goes unnoticed.